Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tips for A Successful 1st Birthday Party

Planning a first birthday party is not difficult if you using the F.I.R.S.T. formula. Dale Obrochta, a professional balloon entertainer developed this formula for new parents struggling to create a first birthday party.  To often new parents are overwhelmed with the process of planning a 1st birthday and seek advice from family and friends just to learn that it has been years, if not decades, since planning a 1st birthday and have very little advice to help on planning a 1st birthday.

Looking to Pinterest is fun, but overwhelming you with ideas.  Here is a video that explains F.I.R.S.T. formula and give great tips on planning a 1st birthday party.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Money Saving Gift Bag Ideas for a 1st Birthday Party

Sometimes the 1st birthday party is a little more expensive then what we want it to be.  There is a lot to think about when planning a party.   Invitations, are you making them or buying them?  Decorations, how many do you need, and is there a theme to the party?  Food, cater or make it yourself?  See.  What did I tell you?  Gift bags, don’t forget gift bags at a birthday party.  All these little details have to be thought out once you selected a date.

It seems that the gift bag is always left to the very last moment, and sometimes forgotten in the big picture. I have decided, to give gift bags only to the little people who are coming to the party.

So what do I give them, candy, cupcakes, or little toys that parents can step on in the middle of the night? 
I myself have given candy.  It is easy, toss candy in little decorative baggies and you are done.  I know, lame.  Sometimes you just do not have time, money, energy or worse yet an idea what to give. 

Looking on line I have seen a bunch of cool things that are inexpensive and easy to use for gift bags. I personally like the dollar store. I get about 80% of the stuff from this stores and is my go-to place when it come to kid's birthday parties.

Be it a theme or favorite colors, here are some cute birthday parties gift bag ideas.
  1. Customize water bottles, print custom monogrammed labels on pink or blue labels,  and adhered the label to a water bottles.
  2. Staying on the label idea, you can use the theme and put a picture on the label and you can stick it to anything.  How about, a chocolate bar, bubbles, or juice boxes to name a few.
  3. Make your own cookies.  Cut out the shape of the theme of the party.  Frost and bag them in little baggies. All kids love homemade cookies.
  4. Chalk.I love giving chalk.  We use so much chalk during the summer it is crazy.  Get colored bags from the dollar store and boxes of chalk.  Put a couple of pieces of chalk in each bag and there you go.
  5. If you are going with a farm or cowboy theme, use bandanas.  Use them as sacks by tying  ends together, stuff with treats and goodies for the kids.  Each person gets bandana a little package.
  6. Little buckets with shovels, bubbles, sand sifter.  Even if it is not a beach them, they are easy to carry and hold all the goodies.
About the Author
Michelle Obrochta is a mother of two boys, a wife to a entertainer, and runs an balloon business. Planning is a passion of Michelle's, and is always quick to volunteer to help in planing an event, participate in a school function, or help make the event special. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby's First Year

The 1st birthday party is always the biggest one.  I guess it is because you went from having this little person in your tummy for 9 months and then having to care for every single little need for the last year.  You are so happy that this child is just happy and healthy.  Everything you have done in the last 12 months has lead up to this special day.  You have been through sleep deprived nights, going to doctors' offices, lugging around about 100 lbs of stuff for an afternoon at your sister’s house, and making sure that you have your camera ready because if they do something cute you need to post it on Facebook. 

You have been there for every important first in their lives.  The first smile (the one that is on purpose not the one that they have when they pass gas), the first time they roll over, the first time they giggle, the first time they crawl, the first time they finally figure out that they can make noise.  The first tooth and all that comes along with that.  I can go on and on and on about all of the firsts but that would be the rest of the article. 

You are the most important person in that little person’s life.  You know what every little sound and cry means.  You know when they are happy and you can take their picture, and you know when they are crabby and you just have to hold them close and rock them until they stop crying. 

I think the birthday industry has gotten it wrong.  This 1st birthday party should be all about you.  You have managed to keep this little person fed, mostly dry, happy, and loved.  You deserve the credit.  You deserve a party.  Therefore, I have decided that instead of a 1st birthday party for the little one you have cared for, it should be about the parents.  Ok, I understand that probably will not happen.  But it was a good idea!

About the Author
Michelle Obrochta is a mother of two boys, a wife to a entertainer, and runs an balloon business. Planning is a passion of Michelle's, and is always quick to volunteer to help in planing an event, participate in a school function, or help make the event special. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Infographic: Tips on How to Prevent Birthday Party Mess

Unless you have been through this, you just cannot imagine how mess things get and how quickly you are wearing cake, so here are some tips and trick on how to keep clean at that special birthday party.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Infographic 10 Reasons To Cater A Birthday Party

Please share with family, friends, caterers, and party planners.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

All you need to know about the birthday cake and the mess it makes

Well let me just say that anything you serve is going to be messy.   Of course, it is going to be messy. 

You are letting a 1 year old loose on a cake that has frosting and chocolate and fruit.  It is going to be sticky and no one is going to want to handle the birthday child afterwards, not even you, except we are the mothers and it is mom’s job to do the dirty work.

Here are a couple of suggestions to help with the big mess.

  1. Cupcakes are a good alternative to a smash cake.  They are smaller and they get a taste of frosting before it gets in their hair. (In addition, any other crevice that you can imagine).
  2. I recommend NOT, I repeat NOT holding the child as they are eating their cake.  A friend of mine decided to hold her 1 year old while she was eating her smash cake.  Not a wise idea.  Not only did the child have frosting everywhere but also so did my friend.  We were at a restaurant and she did not think to bring a change of clothes for herself, so she was just as sticky as her daughter.
  3. Put the child in a high chair, while eating cake.  You want the birthday child to get the spotlight. Everyone will gather to watch him or her get messy.  I suggest putting them in the middle of the room , allowing pictures and video to be focused on the child and their first  birthday mess. 
  4. Have a change of clothes.  I know, “But this outfit is so cute”.  After the frosting has had a chance to harden and all the pictures have been taken, you are going to want to hose the birthday child down.  Bring 1 cute outfit to change into afterwards.  Please I beg you.  Bring an extra change of clothes. 
  5. If you are having the party at home, you have the advantage of throwing the happy baby in the tub.  We did this with our second child.  We had the party at home and it was great.  I just stripped him down and gave him a bath.  He smelled fresh and had that baby smell.
  6. Having the party at a restaurant, bring lots of wipes and a washcloth.   You will still have to strip the baby down and wipe them down.  However, if you happen to bring a washcloth and some soap you can give a quick bath in the bathroom at the restaurant.  My husband and I did not think of this until it was too late for the first child.  We were stuck using just water and the wipes and he smelled like frosting until we arrived home.  Oh well, we learn as we go I guess.
  7. Buy a cheap plastic table covering.  Doesn’t matter if you are at a banquet facility, restaurant, or at home, cover the floor.   The child can get as messy as they want, simply roll up the plastic tarp and discard.  The banquet and restaurant will greatly appreciate your efforts to keep their facility clean, and at home, you will have enough mess to clean up after the birthday party. You do not want to be washing  floors after the guest leave.
Hope these words of advice find their way to you.  Take it from a mom that learned from our families mistakes.  Do not get caught with frosting in your hair.

Have a frosting free day.

About the Author

Michelle Obrochta is a mother of two boys, a wife to a entertainer, and runs an balloon business. Planning is a passion of Michelle's, and is always quick to volunteer to help in planing an event, participate in a school function, or help make the event special. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

10 Reasons Why You Should Cater a Birthday Party

To cater or not to cater, that is the question? 

I was asked to give my reasons why I would cater a 1st birthday party?

Here's why I think catering is a good idea and why you should be giving it some serious consideration.

  1.  It is less time consuming then making all of that food.  I spend at least 2 days cooking different things for a party.  I am usually sick of the smell of the food and do not really eat that day because I have been picking for 2 days and am sick of the food. 
  2. No messes. After making all of the food then you have to clean up.  I have enough to clean up around the house itself.  I do not have time to clean up the kitchen 16 times a day after making all of that food.
  3. Where are you going to keep all of that food?  OK, so after you make all of this food for the party where are you going to keep it?  I only have one fridge and freezer so making a lot of food is a little tricky.   I do not have the room.
  4. You know it is going to taste good.  I got some cheesy potatoes one year from a catering company and I have loved them ever since.  Everyone loved them.  Usually if you are ordering from a catering company, they will let you taste the stuff you are going to order.  In addition, if you like it you know your company will like it too.  If you make it, it might not taste the same as you think it should.
  5. You get to spend more time with your guests.  Spending time in the kitchen is not fun.   The 1st birthday is more for the parent to show that they made it through that first year of life with a new person keeping them up and messing up their lives.  You want to actually talk to adults and maybe have a drink or two. 
  6. It gives you more time to do other things.  If you are like me, you are going to want to get specific decorations for the 1st birthday party theme.  I looked around and got a crown for my son’s first birthday party.  He was the prince and we were the king and queen.  I got to do the decorating for the party and not have to worry about if the food was going to burn on the stove or in the oven.
  7. It is more affordable then you think.  If you take a look at home much food you buy to make the food and then add in your valuable time and effort, it is cheaper.  You time is a valuable asset these days.  You have a 1 year old (and maybe more kids) running around getting into trouble.  You want to make sure you are spending time with them instead of making food for several days before the party. 
  8. You will not have to worry about not having enough or having too much left over.  Caters know how to make enough food for a certain amount of people.  I am not sure how they do it but I know they always make enough and we have maybe enough for 1 meal for the family.  Love not having so much food left over.
  9. They can help you with all utensils.  Have you ever forgotten plates or napkins or even forks for your party.  Well usually, when you cater in food they will ask you if you want the utensils and forks, napkins, plates and whatever else you can think of.  It helps when you are in the throes of everyday activities.
  10. It is just easier.  Not worrying about any of the things in the list above gives you the peace of mind that you are going to have a good party that people will be talking about for a long time.
About the Author

Michelle Obrochta is a mother of two boys, a wife to a balloon entertainer, and runs an online business. Planning is a passion of her's, and is always quick to volunteer to help plan an event, participate in a school function, or help make the event special.